Emergency Care

At the offices of Old Dominion Family Dental, our goal is to minimize the risk of Emergency Dental Treatment through Routine Preventive Visits.  At hygiene appointments, our Doctors will make the patient aware of any decay, enamel cracks or other issues which may become a problem in the future and attempt to schedule the patient for Restorative work before an emergency arises.  Even the most diligent patients, however, may experience an unforeseen toothache or accidentally break a tooth.

If an emergency occurs during office hours, please call our office at (804) 270-3080 and speak to our caring Office Staff.  They will help to assess your situation and arrange an appointment with your Doctor as soon as possible.  Our office will attempt to schedule you with the Dentist you usually see, but in emergency situations, the first available opening with a Doctor may be used to get the patient out of discomfort. 

If an emergency occurs after office hours, our Doctors are still available to you through our emergency system.  Please call our office at (804) 270-3080.  Our evening recording will give specific instructions on how to contact our Doctors directly.  If they are unable to answer at that time, please leave a message and they will return your call at the first possible opportunity.  Sometimes, minor dental emergencies may be handled over the phone, but if necessary, our Doctors are able to bring a patient into our office at any time.  An after hours emergency fee will be billed along with the procedure.

The offices of Old Dominion Family Dental always attempts to have one of our highly skilled Doctors available to our patients at all times.  Our Doctors cover each other's emergency calls when they are on vacation, ill, or at Continuing Education Courses.  On the rare occasion that all of our staff must attend the same Continuing Education Course, we will make arrangements for another Dental Office that we highly trust to take our emergency calls.

In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

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