Good Luck Nick !

Nick and His Proud Mom

It is a sad day for us at the offices of Dr. Mark Freeman & Associates.  For today is Nick’s last day at the front desk.  Nick Eads has been with us for nearly 3 years now, and although we knew his employment was only temporary at the time, the last 3 years have seemed to gone by much too fast.  Some of you may not have had contact with Nick.  That is because he usually comes in after lunch and works the closing shift as an Assistant Office Manager.  At the time we hired him, Nick was a studying business at VCU and was able to arrange his classes so that he could work afternoons and evenings.  Nick caught on to the computer system very fast, and learned the ins-and-outs of handling insurance questions and scheduling patients.

20th Birthday !

Many patients would ask if Nick was my son, and the answer to that question is “NO”!  But he is very close to the Freeman family.  In fact, Nick and my son John were born on the same day and have known each other for over 20 years.  Nick played baseball at Atlee Little League and was a great influence on my son’s love for snowboarding, helping to make several family trips to Massanutten possible over the years.  When I needed an afternoon person at the front desk, Christie and I were discussing it over dinner.  I remember saying, “You will probably think I am crazy, but something is telling me to offer the job to Nick!”  Well I am glad I did.

Nick relaxing at home with friends.

Nick added something to the office.  His polite mannerisms and diligent work ethic helped the transition at the front desk go smoothly when Kim left to have her baby.  And in a dental office, it is always nice to have another male employee in the mix!  Recently, Nick graduated from VCU, and in this tough economy he was given 2 job offers!  I was not surprised.  Today he will be leaving us to join the Virginia Lottery.  We will all miss Nick very much, but we wish him the best on his new adventure.  I know if he keeps working as hard for the Lottery as he has for us that he will advance fast over the years.  Good Luck Nick . . . You will always have your friends on the dental team!





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  1. Katie E says:

    I know Nick will be missed and I know he was an asset to the office.



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