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Courtney Shultz: Celebrating 20 Years

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

This February, 2014, our Hygienist Courtney Shultz will be celebrating a milestone at our office.  Courtney has been with our office for 20 years.  It is hard for me to believe.  I can still remember Courtney starting with us when our office was across the street from where we are now.  In those days, our office was small, and Courtney and I sometimes had to flip-flop between rooms to accommodate an emergency and keep the schedule on track.  She has always been a team player and a great supporter of my ideals when it comes to running a dental office.  We both firmly believe that the patient’s care and how they are treated by the staff is of utmost importance.

When I hired Courtney, our office was only 4 years old and growing.  It was a time of transition.  At that point, I had been doing the cleanings on all our patients but the need for my time to be concentrated more on restorations and emergencies was making our schedule squeaky tight.  I needed to find someone with the same values and goals as I had when it came to patient care.  Courtney was not the first Hygienist we tried at our office, but from the moment I interviewed her, I wanted her on our team.  You could tell that she was an honest, caring person.  Over the years, we have been through a lot together, but Courtney’s core never changes.  I believe all her co-workers and her patients love her for that.

Sometimes at our office, we hire a person and afterwards find out things that tell me we made the right decision.  Like puzzle pieces that fall together in our office family.  Courtney’s father is Dr. Bones, a much-loved pediatrician on the south-side of the James for many years, and he was my wife’s Doctor when she was a child.  Also, after being here for some time, we discovered that Courtney’s younger brother and my wife went to Trinity School together, and to complete the puzzle, it turned out that I went to Tucker High with Courtney’s sister-in-law!  Things like that sometimes make me feel that stronger forces bring people’s life paths together, and I am so glad that Courtney’s and my paths crossed.

Courtney’s husband Anthony is a great man, active in their church life, and like me, involved in a family owned business.  Like Courtney, he always has a kind word and a smile on his face.  I watched their two beautiful girls grow up before my eyes.  Meredith and Laura are as different as opposite sides of a coin, but both have become wonderful young women.  Meredith is now teaching elementary school in North Carolina, and Laura is currently studying to be a personal trainer.  This stems from both of the girls long ties with competitive swimming in the Richmond area.  Meredith swam all 4 years in college.  I remember when they were young and Courtney saying how she or Anthony had to be at the pool before sunrise for the girls to get their practices in before they went to school and came to work.  I know in some ways they miss those years.

How do you make Courtney smile?  Well, one way is to start singing “Maria” from West Side Story.  That is a inside office joke between her and I.  Years ago, I took the office to see West Side Story at the Landmark, and it all stems from that night.  Another thing that always gets Courtney is quotes from “A Christmas Story” during the holiday season.  She and our assistant Tori can quote scenes from that movie line-for-line.  It always makes me laugh to see how much expression they put into it.

A fun fact about Courtney:  did you know that she called in sick her very first day of work!  It’s true, but since then she has hardly ever missed a day that she has scheduled and is always on call if we need an extra hand with patients.  Courtney, from all of your friends and co-workers over the years, know that you are highly respected and loved.  Christie and I thank you for all the years you have dedicated to our office.  I also want to thank you for being a friend of mine and my family.  To me you will always be one of the people who lifted our office up, kept us going all these years, and helped to make us who we are today.  Congratulations . . . and Thank you.


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