Kid’s Healthy Mouths Campaign

On the one year anniversary of the Kid’s Healthy Mouths Campaign, the Partnership for Healthy Mouths announced the results of their study.  They demonstrated substantial progress in the effort to improve the oral health habits in the children involved.  The study shows that more parents are regularly monitoring and maintaining their child’s oral care and daily brushing.

Since the Kid’s Healthy Mouths Campaign was launched in August of 2012, it has received a warm response from the media, even being broadcasted in Spanish in some states.  $33 million dollars of free ad time/space was donated nation-wide by television, radio and print outlets.  The PSAs aim to reduce the prevalence of dental decay by motivating parents to promote good oral health habits with their children by reminding them to brush two minutes twice a day.  According to the study:

  • More than 77% of parents report that their children are brushing at least twice a day
  • 64% of parents reported having their children see a Dentist at least once in the last year
  • 60% of those who saw a Dentist reported that their children got a cavity free check-up

Dental Decay is currently the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States.  It affects 16.5 million children per year.  Decay disproportionately affects children of low-income households, which have nearly double the number of untreated cavities than the rest of the general public.

“We are extremely pleased with these results and with the overall impact of the campaign.  Many dental problems can be avoided through simple changes in routines, and we’re seeing now how receptive Americans are to this message.”  said Gary Price, Secretary of the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.  “Through our collective efforts together . . . we have become the foremost voice on the issue of improving children’s oral health nationwide.”

Since the campaign launched, there have been more than 1.3 million visitors to the Web-Site which offers a collection of free, two minute videos featuring notable characters from children’s television shows.  The campaign also offers parents oral health tips on their smart phones.  Parents can subscribe by texting “BRUSH” to 30364 or by visiting the homepage of



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