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Where Did Polly Go?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Next time you visit the offices of Dr. Mark Freeman & Associates, you may notice that something is missing.  “Polly“, the blue and yellow parrot that hung in the corner of our operatories for the last 12 years, has flown the coop.  Polly has been a long loved addition to our office and has been in many rooms over the years.  Recently, it has been in the corner of Room 2 — watching over Dr. Scott and Tori.

Polly belonged to my Grandma, Mary Freeman, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It hung over her kitchen sink ever since I can remember, and in the early days, the parrot had a red feather in its beak.   As the story goes, my Grandpa George sent the bird to her from the Pacific when he was in the Navy.  I understand this was a very popular souvenir to send back to your loved ones.  Grandpa George was a real sailor, with a tatoo of a hula girl and everything.  Grandma kept Polly in her kitchen until she passed in the year 2000.

After loosing Grandma, my family and I headed up to Pennsylvania for the funeral.  My Uncle, who was in charge of her estate, asked if there was anything I wanted from Grandma’s house.  My wife Christie and I thought about it, and told him that it may have seemed silly but the only thing I wished for was “Polly” the parrot out of the kitchen.  My daughter Olivia, who was 12 years old at the time, came up with the idea to hang the parrot in our bird room at our office.  She said it would be like Grandma was looking down on me working all the time.  After the funeral, Polly came to Virginia and has been here ever since.

Earlier this year, I attended a Continuing Education Course in California.  While out there, I was able to meet up with my youngest cousin, George Flynn.  He has lived and worked in the Hollywood area for 10 years now, and I had not seen him since Grandma’s Funeral.  It was great catching up with him.  While we were reminising, George asked me if I still had the parrot.  I told him I did.  Then he told me that he too had asked our Uncle for “Polly”.  I had never known this.

This Christmas, my family and I took Polly down from her perch and mailed her out to sunny California.  She is now enjoying the warm weather and looking down over my Cousin George.  We will miss Polly in our office, but I have had her for 12 years, and I thought it was only right to let her go to a new home.  Take care of her George, and I’ll see both of you next time I’m out that way.


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