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Look at Nicole Dudley’s Smile !

Friday, June 15th, 2012

This week we completed a very short but extremely important Orthodontic case on one of our young stars — Miss Nicole Dudley.   Nicole started coming to our office “in utero” with her mother, and everyone at our office has enjoyed watching her grow up.  Now 9 years old, Nicole’s upper and lower front teeth were flared and rotated due to an extreme lack of space.  She also had a major cross-bite on her right side.  A cross-bite is when the lower posterior teeth are more outward than the upper posterior teeth (opposite of the way they should be biting).  Patients who grow up with cross-bites often show extreme wear on the cusps of their teeth when they are adults; and therefore, end up needing some major restoration as they get older like crowns or implants.  This is something that is easy to correct when the patient is young and going through growth spurts.

Nicole’s crowding was due to an extreme lack of space.  She just did not have enough room for the size of her adult teeth.  To correct both problems, Nicole’s parents and I decided to expand her arches and place Phase I brackets on Nicole’s adult teeth.   Nicole’s parents had a lot of faith in her and decided to let her use removable appliances.  This can be worrisome with very young patients because of the possibility of taking them out and potentially losing them, but Nicole was a super trooper!  She took full responsibility for her expanders and was the most adult little girl when it came to keeping them clean and in place!  Because of her great cooperation, Nicole’s case goals were completed in just nine (9) months, and recently we were removed her brackets.  Soon, she will be picking up her “pink” retainers, and I am sure that she will be just a diligent about wearing them as she was about her expanders.

Two Phase Orthodontics is not recommended for every case.  It should be reserved for only those children with extreme crowding.  The goal of Phase I is to place the skeletal relationship of the upper and lower arches in a more correct alignment, expand the arches to hopefully accommodate the estimated size of all the developing adult teeth, and to align the anterior adult teeth into proper position.  By doing this at an early age, Phase II during the teenage years should be shorter and easier than if everything was done as one long case.  Two Phase Orthodontics is not for all cases.  Most children’s problems allow them to wait until all of their adult teeth are in place before starting Orthodontics.

Thanks to Nicole and her parents for being such great patients and helping us make her smile even more beautiful!


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Lieutenant Dan Band: Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Friday, June 8th, 2012

On the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend 2012, my family and I had a wonderful experience.  We went to Charlottesville to see the Lieutenant Dan Band play at the Paramount Theater on the downtown walking mall, and they rocked the place! ” Who is the Lieutenant Dan Band?” you might ask.  Well,  you will not hear them on the radio or on an I-Pod, but you will know and enjoy all the songs they play.  Actor Gary Sinise, who is now best known for his TV character Detective Mac Taylor on CSI: New York, played the part of Lieutenant Dan in the block buster movie Forest Gump in 1994.  Lieutenant Dan was a tough, young officer who believed it was his destiny to die in the jungles of Vietnam.  When Private Forest Gump saves him, his character must learn to live without his legs — a mental struggle at first but by the end of the film he becomes a strong and successful person.  Gary Sinise received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role.   This was such an influential character that Lieutenant Dan overshadowed Gary Sinise for several years after the film.

Gary Sinise, a Vietnam vet himself, then decided to give back to his country by entertaining the United States Troops – – –  not by acting, but by playing music for them over seas.  He put together a band that would travel with the U.S.O. playing for the soldiers all over the world.  Whenever he walked out on stage, the soldiers would yell in a Forest Gump type accent “Lieutenant Dan!”   Soon after, it was decided to market them as “The Lieutenant Dan Band.”  When not filming CSI, Gary Sinise and the band entertain the troops and do concerts to raise money for veterans.

I had heard on the radio that the band was playing in Charlottesville at the renovated Paramount Theater on Memorial Day Friday, and that the profits were to go to a local group which helps wounded veterans re-assimilate into society.  Often, Memorial Day goes by with yard work and a cook out, but this year I thought it would be nice to do something more to mark the occasion.   The concert hall was filled with local veterans — some as old as WWII to our current battles in the middle east.  It started with two local musicians who were on their way to the middle east the next week to play for the troops, and then they were joined on stage by The Lieutenant Dan Band.  As I said before, this is not a group with their own CD.  They played the big hits from the 40’s up to current music today.  From Boogie Wo0gie Bugle Boy to The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  And they kept the crowd on their feet for nearly two (2) hours.                                                                                     

Gary Sinise himself only sings back up, but he plays the base guitar all night long.  I must give him credit.  I believe he knows that he is the main reason people come see the band, but as big a star as he is, he takes a back seat to the music.  He has 3 female and 2 male lead singers, and each has their own style and song selections.  The horn section is fantastic.  The drummer was out standing, and the other guitarists were extremely talented.  The concert is blended with some stories about their travels and soldiers they have met, and of course patriotic music is added to the mix.  They finished the night with “God Bless the USA” and then were off to Washington D.C. to play on the Mall over the weekend.

It was a perfect event for Memorial Day.  My family had a wonderful time.  I want to thank everyone who has ever fought for our country.  You are the people who preserve our freedom.  I want to honor all those who we have lost in battle, and their families who suffered their loss.  Please know that what they did for our country does not go unappreciated.  God bless you . . . and God Bless the United States.



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