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What a Great Case! Jessica Vipperman « Mark Freeman, DDS

What a Great Case! Jessica Vipperman

Jessica Before

Jessica's before smile

Wow!  What a great Case, and what a great young lady.  Jessica Vipperman began her Orthodontic case at our office with Dr. Freeman on August 18th, 2010, and less than a

Jessica After

Jessica's after smile

year and a half later, we  finished up  her case with excellent results.   How did we finish in such a short period of time ?  Because of the cooperation and help of such a wonderful patient.  Jessica did everything she was told right from the start.  From wearing her appliances to being aggressive with her Home Care/Oral Hygiene, Jessica was the key partner in her orthodontic treatment.  Just take a look at her before and after photos and you can see the results.

Jessica’s original issues stemmed from slightly crowded arches and a deep bite.  Jessica’s arches were too narrow to support the width of her adult teeth.  This lack of space caused crowding and rotations of her anterior (front) teeth.  When Jessica would bite down, her upper anterior (front) teeth almost covered her lower anterior teeth completely.  This is called a Deep Bite, and Jessica’s upper front teeth covered 90% of her lower front teeth.  Deep bites are the root cause of many issues as people get older including cracking of the lower front teeth and the need for multiple restoration in this area.  In extreme cases, the lower teeth can cause tissue damage to the roof of the mouth just behind the larger front teeth.

We began Jessica’s treatment by using a fixed series 2000 appliance to expand her arches.  Patients and parents tend to love these appliances because they have an internal spring system to create a slight even pressure.  As her arches expanded, orthodontic brackets and bio-efficient wire were place on the teeth to guide them to a more proper position while the need space was being created.  Once the expansion was complete, it was time to deal with the deep bite.

An appliance called a Rick-N-Nator was placed on Jessica’s upper arch.  This appliance holds an acrylic block behind the upper front teeth.  When the patient bites down, the lower teeth are stopped by the acrylic block in a more proper bite position.  As the patient wears the appliance, the posterior teeth erupt in further until they touch again.  Once the posterior teeth have established a new bite, the appliance can be removed.  On average, this treatment takes five months.

Once we had met all of our goals and Jessica and her parents were happy, all brackets were removed and Jessica was placed into a retainer system.  Jessica took our office oath to be loyal to her retainer because she knows that the retainer will “hold her teeth in positions” and the longer she wears her retainers, the longer lasting her results will be.  We were so very proud of Jessica, and when she smiles, we can see that she is very proud of her teeth.  Who makes us smile?  Great patients like Jessica.  That’s who.

Jessica Lower before

Jessica's lower teeth before



Jessica lower after

Jessica's lower teeth after











jessica smile before

Jessica's smile before



Jessica's smile after

Jessica's smile after

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